Thursday, April 24, 2008

My Mom

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Hmmm… I have not been to my home from past 2 years coz I was inbangalore n never felt like coming. But now I am in Gurgaon, so closeto my home Dehradun but still not able to go :(...For me home means Mom:)… I wonder how moms know everything before handmay be coz we, children are a part of them. I still remember timeswhen I was a kid and I use to cry when my mom use to. I don't know why but may be its coz we are so much bonded that we can feel the samepain that they are feeling or may be a child thinks that the best wayto share her pain. Whatever may be the reason but still the factremains the same that mother and child are divinely interconnected. Oras I said since we are part of them.Even today whenever I talk to her I make sure I do not sound negativeor exhausted coz she then has a whole list of things that I must do.Wake up in morning, always think positive, pray to God for things hehas given me……. There were times when I failed to achieve whatever Iwanted to but she never lost trust in me and as mothers do she againhas a long list of inspirational talks. Everything happens for good,look at other underprivileged children they don't even have food toeat, God has decided something better for you, work hard, everythingwill fall into place………..She always want me to believe in God and thinks everything will bealright if I just pray 1 time a day which surprisingly I do. If thereis one person with whom I do not speak logic she is my mom. Somehowshe also believes that I am very samajdar and so she talks with mewhenever she feels low.
She is very cute though and never looses any opportunity to crackjokes on me or bhaiya or papa. Generally I skip lunch on weekends dueto my laziness and she somehow came to know about that too. So 1 dayshe was angry and she came to know that again that day I skippedbreakfast and lunch she bombarded me with whatever words she canthought off. Although she kind of let her whole frustration about mebut again I was rolling on floor with laughter.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

where women are held in esteem

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From Swami Vivekananda's letter to Shashi (Swami Ramakrishnanda), 19th March, 1884:

[...] I now see it all. Brother, यत्र नार्यस्तु पूज्यन्ते रमन्ते तत्र देवता :- "The gods are pleased where the women are held in esteem" -- says the old Manu. We are horrible sinners, and our degradation is due to our calling women "despicable worms", "gateways to hell", and so forth. Goodness gracious! There is all the difference between heaven and hell! यथातथ्यत्योर्थान व्यद्घात -- "He adjudges gifts according to the merits of the case." Is the Lord to be hoodwinked by idle talk? The Lord has said, त्व स्त्री त्व पुमानसी त्वं कुमार उत वा कुमारी -- "Thou art the woman, Thou art the man, Thou art the boy and the girl as well." (Shwetashwatara Upa.) And we on our part are crying, दुराम्परापसर रे चंडाल -- "Be off, thou outcaste!" केनैषा नीर्मिता नारी मोहिनी etc. -- "By whom was made the bewitching woman?" My brother, what experiences I have had in the South, of the upper classes torturing the lower! What Bacchanalian orgies within the temples! Is it a religion that fails to remove the misery of the poor and turn men into gods! Do you think our religion is worth the name? Ours is only Don't-touchism, only "Touch me not", "Touch me not". Good heavens! A country, the big leaders of which have for the last two thousand years been only discussing whether to take food with the right hand or the left, whether to take water from the right-hand side or the left, ... if such a country does not go to ruin what other will? कालः सुप्तेषु जागर्ति कालो हि दुरतिक्रमः -- "Time keeps wide awake when all else sleeps. Time is invincible indeed!" He knows it; who is there to throw dust in His eyes, my friend?

Gurgaon ki hawa

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With a dramatic turn of events I found myself in Gurgawaan(Beans says it like that. Testing her singing skills on gurgaon I think). I mean I was having a good Sunday afternoon sleep in Bangalore and then got a call that I have to go to Gurgaon that very night J. Somehow I am use to of these sudden changes. So next day, when I woke up I found myself at a place where I was craving to go from last 3 years. Although reasons changed with time but still I wanted to come here.
First week was as usual, hectic and exciting. Telling everyone that I am here. Only selected few knew that I was here. And as I thot the weekend was like I always dreamed of. Going out, meeting friends, running here and there J. And somewhere in the back of my mind my eyes were searching for someone I was always searching for.
So, the weekend was very rocking in comparison to wat I use to do in Bangalore. I went Noida, chatted with friends till 4 o’clock, goti bhai k hath ka kadi chawal aur Sunday ko mani k sath shopping cum chatting cum roaming. She is really nice, above my expectations. She has talks for any issue on earth J.
The change was really refreshing. Now I am eagerly waiting for meeting more of my friends this weekend too. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

1st of April 2008

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hmmm...My last entry was unknowingly(by me) a bit negative... I did not mean it to be that way I just wanted to spill my heart out n this happens this way if you are alone...U say many things you dont want to say... It's not that I am depressed or frustrated... I was just bored of life at that moment and the feeling passed away when the phone rang just after that... So many cool things happened after that and believe me those were not because of the blog... As this boring weekend was coming to an end, an unexpected phone call came from a friend :)... This is really strange though, the person who have never seen you or met you sometimes understand you much better than those who do... And you can talk with them as if you know them for ages... I guess this is how a life connects to another... A circle of life kind of thing...

And then the other day I got a surprise too... Oh, its a secret not to be told... The one who need to be, knows it anyway...

I dont know where the turn of events will end up... But one thing is sure, some people just leave the footprints in your life... Hope to see you soon friend...I am still figuring out how the one who have never met me or only seen me can understand what I feel and when...

Then there is this destiny thing... I dont want to rely on destiny because I did not want to take any chances now. What if things did not happen the way we want them to? What if everything would have better if we have tried... I have no choice but respect the decision because there is nothin better that I can do now except wait... It sounds childish though...

I know most of the part you won't understand...Coz I dont want to...

I almost finished the Deathly Hallows too...Hmmm I like a diverse variety of books and I never knew the reason why...I liked FountainHead, Alchemist, Q & A, All Harry Potter series, Zahir etc...