Tuesday, September 16, 2008


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There are many things which make us different from people around us. And there are things which make us unique. Those are called Instincts. No, these instincts has nothing to do with your decision making power, your greatness, blah blah blah. I am talking about the natural instincts (I am not able to find any other word for it). The instincts you were born with.

When we were kids, all things that we did, were outcome of our instincts. We fought, we cried, we loved not because we understood but because our instincts told us to do so.

 I saw a dog, a limp dog, he was doing everything a normal dogs do. He ran after other dogs, wagged, sat down, eyes asking for food. Everything was normal except he has only 3 legs. But his instincts made him to struggle , to live , to play the part for which he is made for. He might know that he is no match for others but he is trying his best to keep up, to live, to be normal or may be to be happy. Then I saw a family of beggars. Family? Yes. You’ll find many of those in b’lore. All capable of working. Even having children. I’ve came across them 5 times till now. They are not handicapped, but still incapable of doing things which normal people do. One has its natural instincts alive, their’s died long ago.

Leave the beggars, may be they are not fortunate enough. Analyse yourself, we, the whole, can’t even live our live happily. Just 1 setback and we start complaining. Just 1 defeat, 1 bad day, 1 heartbreak and we are not ourselves. Think sometime why we were happy when we were kids. Keep your instincts alive and live, share happiness.

Inspiration : Beans, whose spirit always inspires :)... Thank you...