Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Love... An assurance...

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Oh! How much I hate this place.” I was lying on the grass with hands under my head, watching the clear starry sky. It was the last day, last night of my college. From this distance I can hear students dancing on the DJ tunes inside the auditorium. While I was out in the open, on my favorite place, lying, watching the bright lit college, observing. The place I hated and will hate for all of my life. A place full of phoney people. I know no one will even bother to ask about each other after 3 years now and look at them they look like they will die if kept in two different rooms. Boy, are they phoney?
I closed my eyes again. I can feel the wind blowing against my ears. The sound of DJ, receding now. Just then a warm breeze came by and stopped next to me. I smiled but kept my eyes closed. She didn’t say anything,just sat beside me and watched intently into the dark. We felt the moment. Boy how much I hate this college.
Just than I lost my thoughts… All I could figure out was closed eyes… warm breeze… hairs cascading the face… soft hands… a smile… Before I sat there I knew she would come and she did… Love is an assurance… Boy am I phoney?

Monday, July 12, 2010


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गरज बरस प्यासी धरती पर फिर पानी दे मौला
चिड़ियों को दाना, बच्चों को गुड़धानी दे मौला

दो और दो का जोड़ हमेशा चार कहाँ होता है
सोच समझवालों को थोड़ी नादानी दे मौला

फिर रोशन कर ज़हर का प्याला चमका नई सलीबें
झूठों की दुनिया में सच को ताबानी दे मौला

फिर मूरत से बाहर आकर चारों ओर बिखर जा
फिर मंदिर को कोई मीरा दीवानी दे मौला

तेरे होते कोई किसी की जान का दुश्मन क्यों हो
जीने वालों को मरने की आसानी दे मौला

— निदा फ़ाज़ली