Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Magic of Love - 1

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I was reading a quote about love and told 1 of my friend about it. She immediately stopped doing whatever she was doing and the first thing she did was, forwarded that quote to one she loved. That was then I thought about the magic of love. Is not it amazing? You hear something and the picture of someone appears instantly. Its very hard to explain what you feel when you are in love. For me its impossible because I never fell in love with anyone. May be that was unfortunate or may be fortunate. But whatever I've heard from people aroung me like this friend of mine I will tell you. And also about the longing which I feel sometimes.

1. 1 of my friend told me, when you are in love small things add up to one magical world. I dont know what he meant at that time because those talks really bored me at those times and above all he was a shit-head(oops). But now I realize what that fool means. He wanted to tell me that everything seems to be special when you are in love. I remembered him ordering 2 glasses on juice in mess all times, the 1 that he drinks was paid by her and vice versa. He use to find reasons to show his love and surprisingly that senseless gal use to do same. I saw him watching intently towards her room in girls hostel. Fortunately for him girls hostel was close enough to have a clear vision ;). But his reason was love. For him love has created a magical world out of small things. There were many incidents but space does not allow me to tell them.

2. He was weird/philosophical but 1 thing that made him common was love. He was a different species of lovers, the one sided ones. And the amazing part was he was happy. Just being in touch with her made him happy. I saw sparks flowing out of his eyes whenever he saw her, talked with her. He often told me "when you are in love, everything seems fine. World is a better place." I use to wonder how. Now I realize how. Whenever he was angry, he reached to her and everything was fine. Whenever he was sad, he talked to her and everthing was fine. Everything about world was fine because she was the part of his world. In fact she was his world I guess. Fortunately she also realized that, although after 1 boyfriend, but they are living happily. An ideal example of "Love will find its way".:)

3. He was the one whom I least suspected will fall in love. He was a looser(Although lesser than me since he at least got 1). But someone once told me "Love transforms and if its true, it does that for good." He just sat with a girl once in class. She realized he was a looser because somehow he is not able to understand things being taught in class. And the reason was he was not from an English medium. Most of girls will never entertain such a guy. But she did. She explained her everything, sometimes more than required ;).(You dirty minds.) And he started doing wonders. This was the first time I have seen love growing. It was not for looks, it was for two souls destined to converge into one.Continued...

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Happiness is Easy :)

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If you will look around, you'll see where you can find happiness. Dont ever look at me. I smile without any reasons and I do have a whole stack of PJs.

1st Smile: The first one who smiled was me. While I was going to office I saw a girl waking up at 11 O'clock. She just opened the door and the first face she saw was of me. She smiled I smiled back.(Am I a clown?)

2nd Smile: I like watchin out of window while I travel to office. I saw 1 kid running behind other. They were both laughing. Happiness is easy you see.

3rd Smile: A college couple holding their hands. They were both talking and smiling. The thing about being in love is you Smile even when you are alone. Isn't it amazing?

4th Smile: I reached office and everyone was smiling. Okay now this is a professional smile but anyway we smiled.

5th Smile: I was taking a break and a half paralysed old man asked where Dr. X and Dr. Y are? He was smiling constantly. I asked him twice what he was saying. I was lost in his smile. This is amazing again. People who somehow are incapable make up with things which capable people find difficult. How hard is smiling?

6th Smile: While coming back to home I was listening songs on headphone and making weird songs. Two kids in front of start giggling and soon they were laughing,smiling and singing and ofcourse teasing me. Yeah I am a clown. Although they did not even know any word of Hindi. But the song they were singing was "Aashiq Banaya Aapne". Himesh there is nowhere escaping you:(.Since the time I started my day to the end of it there were many instances where I saw happiness. You see happiness is not that much difficult. Just look around and feel. Dont think you are confused, you are just inquisitive.

Friday, July 4, 2008


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When I get bored by work and reading I just anonymously google. And this time I read about the place I born, Gopeshwar. I still remember the fields in Gopeshwar gaon where I use to run around, fight with kids, play cricket and reach home with so much dirt on me. Those were really golden moments. But the place I most remember is the Gopinath temple. Its trident or Trishul which I use to think was of Lord Shiva. The trident dates back to 12th century and still has no sign of rust. Amazing!!! Then the Big Hanuman Statue. The magnicient dome, the sanctoram, the Ramlila, the daily pooja(prayer). Its really hard to forgot.
The legend told me that we being born in Gopeshwar has blessings of Gopinath, Lord Shiva. I always felt protected in the temple when I was kid. I use to wonder about big stones so neatly cut and the engravings on it. My Naniji(maternal grand mother) told me that the temple was built by Pandavas themselves, otherwise no human being can lift such big stones.
I also remember the Ramlilas where I use to put my cloth in front of stall. That was kind of seat booking in North India. Although as I grew up I realized those were boring. But the stories Naniji told me were really awesome. She told me the meaning of my name with reference to Hanuman ji and I felt very proud. There are million of things that I can tell about my childhood in Gopeshwar. For me it'll be 1 of the most beautiful and memorable place for me.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


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Life,not me, has changed a lot for me since I left Srinagar. Although none of my friends who met me here in NCR failed to recognize me. According to them I am the same Atul of SGRR. I met 1 of my close friends after 8 years. He is 6 feet tall now and 4 girlfriends old and still counting. And when he saw me, his face changed from shock to amusement and then happiness. And when I told him I don’t even have a girlfriend. He mourned for half an hour and still mourns on phone. According to his philosophical self, I am in deep grief and the reason is because I don’t have a girlfriend. What a crap. I wonder how much people change with time. And y haven’t I changed?
I was born and brought up in small towns of Garhwal and in my times just helping a girl to carry her bag was a social issue. Immediately my teachers told my parents because it was their duty to protect a studious kid.(Again a crap.)And then my parents teased me very badly for about a week and I wondered what happened. I was just a kid. Even your friends will kill you for that. So I did not even help another girl after that:). But with time I matured much faster than kids of my age. I had a better understanding of relations than others. But this maturity robbed me of my spark and ofcourse innocence.
Talking about change, some of my friends changed drastically. I talked to 1 of my school friend as she was also in Gurgaon. This was the first time I talked with her since in school I was rather shy. She was speaking in English. Come on. She barely got pass marks in English. I think its the call center effect or the delhi effect. Delhi affects small town people a lot. They become free and restless ;). Some manage to hold their integrity, some cannot.